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  • 'I live on a boat so I’m always on the move, it’s also where I write and record most of the music'

  • 'I have an identical twin which puts an interesting twist on life as there is literally another one of you'

  • 'I’m obsessed with water which constantly creeps up in my music, but the deep sea in particular is my current obsession (hence the EP artwork)'

  • Favourite place on planet earth: The deep sea is 'probably my favourite place, despite never having been there - it's the unknown, untouched mystery of it that captivates me' (All the 'Fun Facts' are from Oliver Muto - the lead singer)

I've had a recent tendency to be drawn to upbeat indie rock tracks, but as the autumn sets in, a track matching my mood has emerged.

Wooden Maria just released a stunning new song titled 'Murder Of Crows' as part of an EP titled House Of Lungs. The song swirls around in a beautiful yet simple piano soundscape, complemented by the unique and warm lead vocal. 

To me 'Murder Of Crows' really captures that autumn feel of misty forests, golden light and frosty still mornings. The song really takes the listener to a magical place.

The whole EP is well worth a listen and cements the immense talent that Wooden Maria clearly possesses.

I hope that this unique band finds the place that they deserve in the music industry. For now, I'll leave you with the captivating 'Murder Of Crows'




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