In October 2021 a planting project took place in the Pentland Hills near Edinburgh.

1015 native trees were planted. A water meadow, 3 additional meadow sites and a bluebell forest were created (all seeds were native and locally sourced).

13 native tree species were planted including: Sessile Oak, Scots Pine, Yew, Blackthorn, Hawthorn, Rowan, Silver Birch, Dwarf Birch, Aspen, Wild Cherry, Crab Apple, Eared Willow and Goat Willow.

The new mini nature reserve aims to provide different habitats including mixed woodland, scrubland, open grassland, ponds and wet meadow.

*Unfortunately the Coronavirus pandemic dramatically slowed down conservation efforts and some bigger projects had to be cancelled.


2019 - 2020


*277 trees have been planted to date in the Cairngorms and in Edinburgh (including the endangered black poplar).

*One small forest has been rescued from outgrown tree protection.

*Research has been undertaken to create tree protection out of ocean recycled plastic bottles. The first prototype is already being tested at one of the planting sites.


*A small Scottish native plant nursery has been established to assist future planting projects and to cut project costs. 

What's Been


plant 13.jpg

* 1292 trees planted.

* 130 trees rescued from outgrown tree protection.

* 4 meadow sites created.

* 1 Bluebell Wood Created

*A new mini native tree nursery has been created. Which should produce 300+ trees per year.

Tree 4
White Flower
Tree Leaves


In October 2022 State of Green aims to undertake the biggest project yet.

The plan is to plant at least 2000 native trees in the Pentland Hills.

Further information coming soon!

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