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Velvet Starlings


  • Velvet Starlings inspirations include The Beatles, The Who and The Doors.

  • Based in Los Angeles.

  • They unfortunately had their third UK tour cancelled due to the Covid crisis.

  • Favourite place on planet earth: Most likely LA!

Velvet Starlings just released a new music video for their awesome track 'Bitter Pills'. 

Bitter Pills is no nonsense indie rock, that gets straight to the point from the very first moment. An excellent combination of attitude-driven guitars, an anthemic beat and lead vocals not dissimilar to Alex Turner (Arctic Monkeys). Sprinkle vintage seventies doorsesque keys and a running tambourine and you have a great 2 minutes and 55 seconds of easy listening! 

For those who like their music gritty with a touch of sixties/seventies, look no further than Velvet Starlings. 

For an outfit that hasn't been around very long, Velvet Starlings have done very well to produce a set of quality songs, tour extensively and garner decent international coverage. I won't be surprised when I hear the bands name cropping up more in the near future! Here's their new music video with the single 'Bitter Pills:'



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