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  • Twin Envy is made up of just two members from two cities, two hours apart.

  • 'It started as an email correspondence project during the pandemic. I write, record and produce 100% of the instrumental tracks and then email them to Jesse and he writes and records all the lyrics and vocals.'

  • 'Twin Envy is in the process of getting additional band members.'

  • Favourite place on planet earth: 'Thats a tough one. I got engaged in Paris several years ago, so that holds a special place for me. But I guess speaking for the both of us, there are some pretty special places in Tucson, which is where Jesse (the singer) and I met for the first time. Mount Lemon is a really great place to hike and camp, and have beautiful views of the city and surrounding desert. Gates Pass is a breathtaking place to go at sunset. Its your quintessential ridge view of a gigantic desert valley that's a great place to go with friends and family, have some drinks and enjoy the views.'


Summer is slowly drawing to an end, but 'Reptilian Overlords' the new single by Twin Envy, will help you to continue enjoying the indie summer vibe a little bit longer!

With hard hitting energetic drums, an infectious bass line, shimmering synths and catchy vocal melodies, Twin Envy dish out a brilliant classic indie pop helping, all the while adding their own character with clever production and a distinctive vocal sound.

The duo really build very well on each other's strengths, exhibiting strong songwriting skills and a feel good atmosphere to accompany you on your next road trip to the beach!

Listen to the new single here:




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