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  • From Nashville.

  • Influences include The Strokes, Coldplay and 1975.

  • Started out as a covers band.

  • Favourite place on planet earth: Most likely Nashville.


I usually write Tossit blog from my base in Edinburgh, Scotland. However, I wrote this addition on a stormy day in Eastern Germany after an epic drive through the alps in Austria.

An awesome drive requires the right choice of music. 'Can you See Me' the new single from 'The Thing With Feathers' was the perfect song for the journey.

Watching cavernous mountains drifting past and fading in and out of clouds, paired perfectly with the raw power and energy captured in the new single.

A beautiful lead guitar line and a heart wrenching vocal performance glide over powerful drums and a massive, grungy 'wall of guitar'.

When listening to 'The Thing With Feathers' it's very quickly evident that you're onto something special. They're not 'just another band'. There's magic in their sound. There aren't many studio recordings that give me the feeling that I'm standing in front of the band live, but 'Can you See Me' really brings you to that place. 

Listen to the new single here:




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