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  • From Denmark.

  • The band describe their music with the self-invented genre of 'Jacuzzi Rock'.

  • Each band member has previously played in other acts at major festivals such as Roskilde, Smukfest and SPOT.

  • Favourite place on planet earth: Most likely on holiday with inflatable swimming animals!


The best way to kick off the blog for 2023 is with a bit of Danish Jacuzzi Rock!

The Jürgen Clubs was formed in 2021 and has since been rapidly making a bang with a new series of energetic, catchy indie anthems. The band is entering 2023 in high gear with quality releases and a yet to be announced tour.

The new single 'Shiver' proves that indie rock is alive and well! The song is anchored down by a catchy bass line and fast-paced drums; allowing infectious, dreamy, reverb-drenched vocal melodies to glide effortlessly over the top, with addictive guitar lines and ambient keys in support.

The chorus is debatably the highlight of the song. The well-written melody promises to get stuck in your mind, but you'll be happy for it to remain there, as it's simply put, brilliant!

So get in a jacuzzi, relax and listen to the new single here:




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