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  •  'I'm a film nerd'

  •  'I'm half cuban'

  •  'I love unbearably loud music and complete silence equally'

  •  Favourite place on planet earth: 'Vermont'


Sundozer cruized onto my radar with the brilliant new single 'Still Life' from the upcoming EP 'Death Bloom'.

Chunky fuzzy guitar riffs, punchy drums, psychedellic delay drenched vocal, airy vintage synths and a brilliant summer surf road trip vibe combine together to make an insantly likeable song.

As spring kicks in and with summer on its way, 'Still Life' could well be one of your summer road trip theme tunes! If one new awesome track is not enough, Sundozer is also releasing more songs with a new EP on the way.

Listen to the EP teaser trailer here:




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