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  •  Still Corners is a duo that started by a chance meeting at a train station in London.

  •  The band set up their own record label 'Wrecking Light Records'

  •  This year Still Corners will release their sixth studio album.

  •  Favourite place on planet earth: 'Most likely London'.


Still Corners have recently released 'The Dream’, a song that as the title suggests will enchant you into a dreamlike state with a drifting airy vocal performance, feather soft keys, floating guitar riffs and wonderfully light drums.


Tessa Murray and Greg Hughes are a very talented duo, who’ve already sealed a reputation to churn out excellent musicianship.


‘The Dream’ is a very promising sample of their upcoming album ‘Dream talk’, which will be released on 05.04.2024. The single exhibits engaging production, a lovely late summer indie surf vibe, a fantastic accompanying music video and a brilliant lead guitar section towards the end.

Listen to the new single here:




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