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  • 'Chris has perfected the art of plucking bass strings like a banjo master, and sometimes we make fun of him for it. He also finds his lyrics at yard sales and flea markets throughout Southeastern Pennsylvania, and sometimes they're just right'.

  • 'Jon loves to massage our mixes until they have a pronounced charred flavor, or until he passes out. He also has a very serious thing for seafood'.

  • 'Joel loves to play with all things knobs and synths, and he's the sauce-maker on many of our tracks. He also once sat next to Pat Sajak on a plane'.

  • Favourite place on planet earth: 'Divided into two categories:
    Cities - Montreal, Seoul, Taipei
    Mother Nature - The Bowl (Acadia National Park), Cave Mountain Lake (West Virginia), the Amazon Rainforest'

Son Step have recently produced a magical journey of a song titled 'New Ears'. The track makes you feel like you're gliding through an undiscovered wind-still fjord, illuminated by bioluminescent plankton!

The airy vocal hovers effortlessly over a shimmering ocean of smooth synths, anchored together by a solid percussive heavy beat. From start to finish the flawless production keeps you firmly captivated, the chime at the very end of the song feels like you're literally being awakened from a mystical dream.

In an overcrowded music industry Son Step truly stand out with a record that puts real music and creativity in focus. 

For fans of 'The National' and 'Why?' it should also be noted that Ben Sloan (drummer) formed part of the lineup for the track.

Listen to the new single here:




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