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Sir Jay


  • Sir Jay can play didgeridoo.

  • He's an ex-figure skater.

  • He has previously hitchhiked from Berlin to Barcelona without a sleeping bag and any place to sleep.

  • Favourite place on planet earth: Somewhere by the sea where you can see the horizon.


Sir Jay is a multi-instrumentalist that heralds from Helsinki, Finland. He's had an interesting journey involving various musical projects along the way to creating his current solo act.

The latest single 'Big Waves' combines anthemic riffs with catchy melodies and a fantastic bass line that keeps the track pulsing.

Sir jay's warm yet distinctly 'rocky' vocal carries the song well on a journey through it's creative and engaging production. It's definitely a song to hear more than once, as there are so many details and different parts that are unique, but flow effortlessly together.

'Big waves' is also a very fitting title choice, as the song has a massive sound in places and I can easily imagine Sir Jay making a big wave in the music scene in the near future. Here's the awesome single:




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