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  • Alain Pérez recently won the Latin Grammy.

  • Besides being a guitarist, Olivero is also an accomplished cellist and drummer.

  • In recent years, Olivero travelled to Spain often to further study flamenco guitar with some of the best.

  • Favourite place on planet earth: 'My favourite place on earth is island'. 

I'm currently gazing out of the window at a torrent of strong wind, pelting the garden with hail stones and sleet. 'Sin Permiso del Ayer' is not just a very warm and welcome refuge from the weather, but also a piece that's paradoxically very fitting!

I have been mesmerised by the immense talent of Olivero for quite a while now. He seems to be one with his guitar, able to express himself freely. The pairing of the impressive, emotive vocal of Alain Pérez and Olivero's beautiful classical guitar playing is one not to miss.

The composition focuses purely on the gifts that both of the artists clearly possess. The song is very stripped back, only exhibiting the vocal, guitar and some very light flamenco-style guitar percussion. The result is absolutely stunning.

Listen to the new single here:




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