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  • Shuttle describes his music as: "Music for non-human animals who travel in space".

  • "Once, I got so lost in the music while recording, I ended up playing an entire set with a TV remote instead of my synth controller. The funny part? It actually sounded pretty good".

  • Shuttle is a one-man act created by Grégorie Pasquier.

  • Favourite place on planet earth: "Don't ask Shuttle about his favourite place on earth. My name is Shuttle. I cruise through space".


Shuttle is a mysterious being churning out psychedelic hits from an unknown corner of outer space. His latest offering 'One More Job' will help you join him on a dreamy galactic journey drifting through the multiverse!

Airy retro synths weave around a dance-inducing bass line, topped off by a punchy beat and a vocal performance that will tempt comparisons with Tame Impala. While similarities are evident, Shuttle maintains his own unique style.

As the year slowly winds down to an end 'One More Job' has certainly found a firm place in my own personal musical discoveries for 2023. With Grégorie's clear songwriting abilities and impeccable synth work, I'm sure that 2023 will only serve as a bright launching pad for more inspiring music in the future to come.

Listen to the new single here:




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