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Sean Kennedy


  • Originally from Boston, USA. Now based in Los Angeles

  • The song 'Young and depressed' was written and recorded in 24 hours. 

  • Favourite place on planet earth: That will remain a mystery!


Sean Kennedy is a talented up and coming singer-songwriter from America. His combination of honest, emotive lyrics and well crafted music make him stand out from the over-populated music world.

The new single 'Young and depressed' takes a brutal look at how life can be for young people, but how experiences obtained while growing up, can also be carried throughout life.

The song rather fittingly begins with the sound of 'joyous kids' in the background. Giving you the picture of children having fun, before the troubles of adulthood kick in. The track then traverses through what seem to be Sean's personal experiences, conveyed through the lyrics, before finishing in a hauntingly beautiful string and guitar section.


To hear the full track, simply click on the video link below ;)     





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