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  • 'It's impossible for me to run without laughing.'

  • 'It took me about a year to write Big Star, travelling through four different countries in Asia.' 

  • 'My favourite snack is pickles with hummus.' 

  • Favourite place on planet earth: 'I mean it really changes but one of them is a village in Thailand called Pai.'


Rotem came to me as a big surprise. I'd never heard of her music, as most people haven't. She's yet to be discovered. 

I heard a preview of her new single 'Big Star' a couple of weeks ago and fell in love with the track. I then drifted over to Rotem's social media, expecting to see a large following and was shocked to see that she's not already a well known artist!

Her new single 'Big Star' is a piece of art, in terms of performance, songwriting and production. It's the type of song you'd expect a well known label with a big budget to release, only it's too creative to come from a major!

Rotem's soft and warm voice combine with beautiful melodies from unexpected, but perfectly fitting instruments, to make the song magical. Big Star takes you on a journey, that you don't want to depart from. It's rare that I'm so captivated by a new piece of music, my only regret is that my neighbours may have to suffer from a well worn repeat button! 


I was informed that the single would be released with a 'beautiful' music video. I would state that to be an absolute understatement! The music video is as much a piece of art as the song and well worth watching.


Big Star's official release day is today and it's my honour to share it with you. Rotem's music takes me to a different world, which is exactly what real music is meant to do. I hope you enjoy it as much as me.     


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