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  • 'When the band started playing out in college, we played a lot of house parties. At one party people were jumping up and down in the living room while we played and it ended up causing the support beams in the house to split. The house had to be condemned the next day!'

  • 'We have a song that is currently unreleased in the US, but has been the theme song for a popular Austrian Insurance company for almost a decade!'

  • '99% of our writing happens while jamming in our practice space. Sometimes people bring in riffs, but for the most part we have spontaneous jams where songs gradually form. We’ve done it this way for well over a decade!'

  • Favourite place on planet earth: 'That would have to be the mountains of the Pacific Northwest. We all live in Portland, OR and it’s hard to want to be anywhere else in the world when the weather is nice!'


'Rare Monk' have been around for a while now, garnering international acclaim and releasing a collection of musical gems. They first crept onto my radar recently with their new single 'Vapor Skills'.

The new song exhibits a gloriously fantastic bass line and absolutely brilliant drums, which makes a perfect anchor for the beautiful lead guitar work, airy synths and dreamy vocal that float seamlessly on top.

The single fits perfectly with the time of year. The verses make you feel like walking down to the beach on a nice summer's day, whereas the more melancholic feel of the chorus has a distinctly more rainy autumn-inducing vibe. A sign of things to come!

Listen to the new single here:




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