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  • Founded in 2014.

  • From Seattle, USA.

  • Naked Giants started out playing house concerts for uni students in Seattle, they now play at major venues all over the world and also perform as members of Car Seat Headrest.

  • Favourite place on planet earth: Probably somewhere a little eccentric with a good stash of vintage music gear!


I discovered Naked Giants in roughly March this year when I came across their extremely addictive single 'Twist'. It was a song that made it straight away into my 'personal listening playlist'.

3 months later they released 'Take A Chance' from their upcoming album 'The Shadow'. The infectious track was immediately lodged in a non-stop loop in my head. Strangely, that doesn't seem to make me like the song any less.

3 days ago, the lads released another single under the title 'High School (Don't Like Them)' and yet again I was nothing but impressed.

If I was asked to describe the new single in one line I'd say 'A Led Zeppelin and Kaiser Chiefs love child!' It has all of the vintage gritty grandeur of Led Zep, but also defiant modern catchy vocal melodies that would be fitting in a Kaiser Chiefs record.

In keeping with the songs title, there is a little bit of a high school rebel rock feel, but my favourite part of the single is the very trippy interlude leading into the final chorus. It will sway you back in time and care free into the sexy seventies.

I think it's easy to hear some of Naked Giants inspirations from their style, but they have an undoubtedly unique twist on every thing they do. They quite honestly became one of my favourite new acts with ease!


With the ability to win awards for outstanding live shows and to continuously release fantastic high calibre records, the trio are well on the way to becoming the next big thing. Here's their latest single 'High School (Don't Like Them)'




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