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  • Been playing together since the age of 13

  • Moved from Australia to Berlin to pursue music

  • Started out as a psychedelic rock band, then went indie disco crazy

  • Favourite place on planet earth: Probably the sunshine coast, Australia


I’d like to start this blog with a band that surged onto my radar last year on the 18th of February in Stuttgart, Germany. There aren’t many groups that have actively influenced my sound, but Parcels are one of them.


I went to see Two Door Cinema Club in concert, whom Parcels happened to be supporting. The chaps from Australia ended up blowing me away so much, that I felt that Two Door Cinema Club should have been the support act!


When the group first got up on stage wearing their outrageously funky attire, my attention was grabbed immediately, before a single note had even been played.


The crowd was there for TDCC, but the Parcels put on such a show, that the people couldn’t help but succumb to the perfection of groove. Every song performed must have been meticulously arranged and produced, delivering what I can only describe as musical excellence.


On record the Parcels are fantastic, but live, they’re one of the best bands I’ve ever seen. They perform with such energy and enthusiasm, that even the most lifeless audience can’t help but get into it.


I had to open up the blog with Parcels as I want to support unknown artists. Since I saw them last year they’ve been rapidly expanding and have even landed a collaboration with Daft Punk with their single, Overnight. I honestly believe there’s a short amount of time in which people can write about Parcels as undiscovered talent. Who knows, maybe one day TDCC will play support for them!


I’d like to leave you with one of my favourite Parcel tracks, enjoy: Overnight

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