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Mt. Doubt

30.01.19 Mt. Doubt - Regenweibchen Photo
Mt Doubt 3 - Regenweibchen Photography.j
Mt Doubt 1 - Regenweibchen Photography.j
Mt Doubt 2 - Regenweibchen Photography.j


  • 'I regularly wear odd socks, but not by design, I just don't pair them.'

  • 'I'm often known to wear sandals, even in winter.' 

  • 'I work at a cheese shop.' 

  • Favourite place on planet earth: 'The Isle Of Skye.'


Mt. Doubt was an act I first came across by accident somewhere in the depths of the internet. I listened to a couple of songs back then and enjoyed them, but Mt. Doubt quickly got buried by the busy and distracting swirl of modern life. 


I wasn't however given the opportunity to leave Mt. Doubt in my personally cluttered musical history!


A few weeks later I was attending an independent record label meet up in Glasgow and Mt. Doubt turned out to be headlining the event with a stripped back acoustic set up.


Whereas I enjoyed the music online, live it's unforgettable. The sheer power and emotion in frontman Leo's voice is mesmerising and left a lasting impression on me.


After a brief after show discussion with Leo, we agreed to meet up for an interview and a custom Tossit photoshoot. However, in another bizarre and unfortunate twist in the tale, the Mt. Doubt car slipped on ice and crashed the day before the scheduled appointment.


The car was destroyed, but miraculously all band members and instruments made it out unscathed. Needless to say, the interview and photoshoot was cancelled the following day. 


As an alternative, Leo proposed that the Tossit team swing by for a Mt. Doubt gig in Sneaky Petes, Edinburgh the following Wednesday.


We showed up that Wednesday and took some photos and heard Mt. Doubt with full band live for the first time. 

The band didn't disappoint. The audience were fully engaged from beginning to end with a series of brilliant and near flawlessly performed songs.


Leo masterfully steered the atmosphere in the room through a range of emotions and responses, with music that drifted from energetic to haunting.


A mixture of his fantastically unique voice, lyrical mastery, catchy synth riffs, delicate backing vocals and sculpted drums, came together to make what is undeniably one of Edinburgh's strongest music acts. 


My personal highlight of the night, was when the band stepped forward at the end of the show and performed a completely acoustic version of 'Waiting Rooms'. If the immense musical capability of the band wasn't already evident, it was laid bare with that raw and stunning performance.


I for one, am waiting eagerly to see what's next for Mt. Doubt. I'll leave you with a version of 'Waiting Rooms' performed for Sofar Sounds.     




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