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  • 'I used to be able to taste coffee and tell you what country it’s from. Not sure if I could anymore'

  • 'I have a collection of shitty mugs'

  • 'I thought I was going to do gymnastics as a career and got into music much later'

  • Favourite place on planet earth: 'When I’m at home by myself. I like nature and all that and love to see it, but nothing grounds me emotionally quite like being home alone'

Summer solstice is fading into the distance as the year slowly drifts towards the inevitable autumn. Mothé has the perfect song to describe how I feel about that, with his fantastic new single 'Summer's Almost Gone'.


'Summer's Almost Gone' has quickly become one of my favourites for 2021. The track really takes you on a nostalgic journey, with on point production to ease you along the way.

The dreamy vocals and gliding guitar lines have a distinct summer vibe to them, but as the song artistically slows towards the end you can almost hear the season fading and summer turning from present to fond but distant memories.

Mothé's a very promising artist with a lot of talent and a stash of high-calibre singles already under his belt. The future looks bright for Mothé!

Listen to the new single here:




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