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  • Limón Limón: The duo (Rand and Jason) met online in 2017.

  • Limón Limón: Currently completing their first full length album

  • Scoobert Doobert: 'I had to wear an eyepatch when I was 20.'

  • Scoobert Doobert: 'I won ''Most Polite Player'' at a youth basketball camp.'

  • Favourite place on planet earth: Jason (Limón Limón): Lake Tahoe. Rand (Limón Limón): 'the beach in Malibu'. Scoobert Doobert: 'Kyoto! Incredible people, art, hiking, night life, food and I somehow walk 15 miles a day there. I'm obsessed with sake (particularly koshu), and the selection there is 🔥. If I lived in a little machiya, I'd probably only wear shorts to show off my ripped legs from all the wandering.'


This summer in Scotland has been unusually warm, causing a lot of people to head to the beach and test the ice cold Scottish sea. 

'3:00' the new collab single from Limón Limón and Scoobert Doobert, provides the perfect setting for the current relaxed summer vibe.

A wonderfully dreamy lead vocal performance combines with spellbinding guitar parts, excellent production and a fantastic airy synth hook in the chorus.

The song exhibits a masterful genre balance, on-point songwriting and a chorus that deserves a place in your summer playlists.

Both of the artists featured in this collab are individually very talented, with an extensive range of well-crafted songs. I recommend taking a listen to both of them!

Listen to the new single here:




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