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Kristoffer Bolander



  • 'I collect toys and action figures that I use in my stop motion music videos. I actually have the dollhouse from the ’I forgive nothing’-video currently hanging on one of my walls.'

  • 'I’ve trained Mixed Martial Arts for ten years, works wonders for physical as well as mental health, highly recommend everyone to try it! I had one amateur fight and took some pretty good shots but won via a guillotine choke.'

  • 'I previously worked a couple years as a movie projectionist at a local movie theatre.'

  • Favourite place on planet earth: 'Wolf Island where I grew up. Beautiful place, not an actual island but plenty of nature, two plateau mountains and right next to Vänern, the biggest lake in Sweden.'


Kristoffer Bolander is one of a kind! The art doesn't stop with the beautifully and thoughtfully arranged tracks. It seeps into detailed stop motion videos created by the artist himself and thought provoking album artwork by Benjamin Björklund. Every track released by Bolander is carefully crafted from beginning to end.

I came across Kristoffer with his band in a small club in Landau, Germany. They'd been invited to make the journey from Sweden for a second year running. The stage wasn't big by any means, but the performance was absolutely top notch. If you get a chance to see them live, don't hesitate!

After the show I got chatting to Kristoffer and discovered that we shared a passion for spending absurd amounts of time making stop motion videos. You can see his latest stop motion masterpiece in the video beneath for the track, 'Untraceable.' 


Untraceable comes from Bolanders latest album,  'What Never Was Will Always Be' which was released last year. The song is filled with beautiful melodies, haunting instrumentation and epic synthscapes. My description won't do it justice, take a listen ;)








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