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King Nun



  • The band comes from London, England.

  • The drummer, Caius Stockley-Young, was known for drumming shirtless at open mic nights before the band moved to the next level.

  • King Nun were the only band at their local open mic night to ever receive noise complaints from the neighbours!

  • Favourite place on planet earth: Most likely any place with a decent PA and an enthusiastic crowd!


I can't remember exactly how I came across King Nun, I just know that it was a fortunate incident. The boys have become one of my favourite new artists.


Quite simply put, I believe that King Nun are only going to continue going upwards! The boys are still in their teens and are already getting peoples heads to turn in the music industry. Their high energy, hard hitting songs are a sure crowd pleaser and legend has it that live, they're fantastic. I'll be sure to see them when they next pop over to Edinburgh.  

2018 saw the release of their debut EP, 'I Have Love', with the track that originally got me hooked, 'Chinese Medicine'. It is 2 minutes and 45 seconds of great music, combining some of my favourite elements from the indie scene. There is definitely a rugged touch of Jack White on the vocal and guitar and a splash of catchy Two Door Cinema Club in the songwriting.

I'll leave you with a track they released in 2017, Hung Around. 






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