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  • Performs barefoot

  • Has a passion for avocados

  • Gets sunburnt quite easily

  • Favourite place on planet earth: 'Wherever I feel at home

  • Decided to have flowers thrown at him for the photoshoot


It was a warm spring evening when I ventured into Herrenberg, a small town in southern Germany, to see Joris Rose perform for the first time. It was a concert well worth visiting. 


The show took place in a rustic wooden hall, which added to the great atmosphere of the night. A group of predominately young people sat patiently on an assortment of cushions and wooden steps as they waited for Joris to appear. 


He arrived with talented keyboard player ‘Bennet Schmidt’ and awaited the quietening of the enthusiastic crowd to begin the first song ‘GO’.


It quickly became evident that Joris had a devoted local following, as the crowd sang along. It was easy to see why, his fantastic voice filled the room and complimented his dynamic guitar skills.


As the evening went by, the crowd became more and more engaged and Joris began to really hone his skill. A mixture of ‘easy on the ear’ melodies, funky keyboard solos and creative and precise looping made it a night to remember.


From beginning to end, there wasn’t a moment I didn’t enjoy. The concert went by swiftly and Joris caused the crowd to erupt with a flawless loop song towards the end.


The artist left after a second encore, but the audience probably would have remained all night, such was the atmosphere.


Joris Rose is definitely an artist to watch. He’s just 20 years old and already has a combination of fantastic live performances, innovative looping and catchy songs. I think we’ll hear great things from him in the future.


Here’s a live performance of his new single, GO:

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