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  • Jason Wade is also the frontman of the rock band 'Lifehouse'.

  •  He had a very international upbringing living in places like Hawaii, Japan, Thailand, Singapore and Hong Kong.

  • Jason made a cover of 'You Belong to Me' for the 2001 movie, Shrek.

  • Favourite place on planet earth: 'Most likely Seattle'.


Winter is my favourite time of year to hike Scotland's rugged wilderness regions. It's a perfect season to huddle next to a sheltered campfire with a dramatic mountain view. It's also a brilliant season to take the time to reflect.

I always like to find music that accompanies my thoughts, moods and the seasons.

The recently released acoustic version of Jason Wade's 'Chucky Blondin' is my current soundtrack of choice. The bright but melancholic guitar blends in seamlessly with the crackle of fire, the glow of embers and the cold northern iconic Scottish landscape.

As the sun sets and the aurora borealis teases an appearance, the almost haunting reverberant vocal fills the silent empty polar air between the mountains.

'Chucky Blondin' is the perfect song for a journey of solitude, or a winter road trip. The atmosphere of the track is deep and maybe a little bit dark, but it also couples with a catchy chorus that hints at Wade's songwriting prowess. That's all topped off with some beautiful well chosen production details.

Listen to the new single here:




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