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How To


Make a donation


The biggest need in making the tree project become a reality is funding. Every £1 buys a tree!!

Other than trees, equipment such as spades are needed for the planting team and tree protection is required to safeguard the trees.

You can make a monthly donation of your choice via my patreon:

Alternatively you can make a one time donation to the project via paypal: Reference the payment as 'Trees'.

Listen to State Of Green Spotify Playlists!


Listening to the playlists I curate, actually helps to provide me with income that is used towards planting trees! Listen to these playlists:

+Relaxing Mornings Brunch Chill

+Breakfast Chill Vibe

+Van Life Vibes

+After Work Chill

+Unknown Indie Artists

+Surfing Vibes

+Sad Rainy Vibes

+Chill indie Road Trip

Offer your land for planting


I'm always in need of land to plant trees on! 

If you happen to own a large enough piece of land in Scotland (smaller land plots such as gardens are also considered) and you'd like to give it back to nature, please contact me on:

Become a planter


Planting trees can be tough physical work. It won't be possible for me to plant all of the trees I intend to alone!

If you fancy spending an autumn day planting trees with the team, that would be hugely appreciated.

We'll provide lunch, a shovel and a lift to and from the planting location.

Contact me on if you're interested.

Report outgrown tree protection

There are literally tens of thousands of trees in Scotland being suffocated by outgrown and forgotten tree protection (the trees often end up dying). If you find such a site, feel free to report it to me and I will do my best to free the trees there if possible (if I gain consent from the relevant landowner and covid regulations permitting). Please contact me on to report such a site.

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