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  • As an act, Holysloot does everything themselves from writing, recording and production to artwork etc.

  • The members used to be part of a band known as 'Jagd'.

  • Holysloot is a group of friends who've known each other since Middle School.

  • Favourite place on planet earth: 'our favourite place is actually the name of our band. Holysloot is a very idyllic small town near Amsterdam (look it up, its awesome), and when we were younger we used to go there on bike on beautiful sunny days, maybe take a 'fluisterbootje' (very quiet electric boat) and the music reflects the carefree, nostalgic feeling of that time in our lives, together with the bittersweet realisation that we've become older...'


Dutch band 'Holysloot' have just released a fantastic new single titled 'Point Of No Return'.

Dreamy synths create an airy layer over relaxed surfy drums, a solid bass line, awesome lead guitar work and a brilliant vocal performance. 

The song has a fantastic faded summer vibe, for all of those people catching the last few waves of the season. The band really captures that feeling of reminiscing over summers gone.

With strong production and excellent musicianship, Holysloot have definitely made a song that deserves to be heard.

Listen to the new single here:




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