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  • Paul Castelluzzo (the chap behind Hether) hails from San Diego, USA, but is currently based in LA.

  • He's previously played guitar for Romeo Santos, both on tour and in the studio.

  • Paul puked in front of 10,000 people in Rome!

  • Favourite place on planet earth: I imagine that would be the beach.

Hether's new single 'Sex Wax' takes you straight to the beach on a sunny afternoon, you can literally hear the warm rays of sun flowing from the music. It's a song that's a well needed sound of respite in what seems like an impenetrable queue of thick grew Scottish clouds enveloping Edinburgh.

In the world that Hether has masterfully created, I'm enjoying a relaxing and carefree summer's day. The smooth gliding vocal melodies, shimmering keys and cheery percussion all set the mood.

Topped off with a fantastic vintage drum sound and creative production, what's not to like about this record? 

So take a step down memory lane, attend a festival, catch a wave, or chill in the sun and listen to Hether's new single here:




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