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  • Harpo Milk is the project of Joe Falconer (lead guitarist of Circa Waves).

  • The name comes from a time in school when a girl used to follow Joe around calling him 'Harpo Marx'. That and Joe apparently still has a milk tooth.

  • Despite having the possibility of piggybacking off of Circa Waves success, Joe opted to launch the project in such a low key way (an Instagram post) that some of his friends and family didn't even know it was coming.

  • Favourite place on planet earth: Falconer doesn't like sitting still when there's so much to see in the world. So presumably somewhere completely new!

I sifted through dozens of new singles from artists all over the world one day and nothing grabbed my attention until I came across 'Always A Party' by 'Harpo Milk'.

Little did I know that this new project with just 42 followers on Spotify and not much more in monthly listeners was actually the handiwork of Joe Falconer, the guitarist from Circa Waves.


I guess that was the way he wanted it. I happen to be a Circa Waves fan and I probably would have given extra attention to the single if I'd known the author, but I treated it in the same way as every record that lands on my desk. I can therefore verify that Harpo Milk is not on this blog due to it's origin, but due to fantastic songwriting and clear musical talent!


'Always a Party' is the lead single from a debut 4 track EP of the same title. The fragile and emotive vocal starts from the offset, throwing the listener into a beautiful and thought-provoking soundscape.


When the chorus hits, you'll find yourself drawn in deeper by the spellbindingly stunning melody. Along the way be sure to listen to the excellent and dreamy lead guitar work. 


'Always A Party' is an absolutely standout piece of music and an extremely strong debut. I wouldn't be surprised if this song later turns out to be one of Harpo Milks classics. 

With such a solid start, I'm sure the future will be exciting for Harpo Milk. For now, you can check out the debut single here and the full EP on Spotify:




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