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 Iñigo Montoya



  • The band comes from Paris.

  • They've been around for four years.

  • They normally perform live as a four piece.

  • Favourite place on planet earth: Most likely Paris!

Iñigo Montoya recently released MDTG, a song that promises to take you on a creative and arty journey. The track has a fantastic fusion of genres with elements of indie electro, hip hop and a surprising interlude with a beautiful choral section.


All of the lyrics are in French and exactly the high standard you'd expect from France's world class underground music scene.


Unfortunately I don't possess the ability of being able to understand French, I can only guess due to the accompanying music video, that the song also highlights one of my core passions: the need to fight for our environment because of the damage that humanity has inflicted on nature.

Iñigo Montoya's new release shows that Paris's music scene is alive and well and also that the band will soon outgrow their stage! Here's the epic and catchy new single:






  • Gwenno was born in Cardiff, Wales.

  • She is fluent in Welsh and Cornish. Gwennos latest album is actually in Cornish.

  • Prior to launching Gwenno, she was once part of Michael Flatley's, Lord Of The Dance show.

  • Favourite place on planet earth: Most likely Wales!

Gwenno is an artist like no other, who combines a rare linguistic combination with spellbinding musical arrangements and soaring vocals.

It's incredibly rare to come across contemporary artists who perform in Cornish and Welsh and especially at such a high calibre.

Last year Gwenno released a captivating record titled 'le Kov' that somehow magically managed to evade my attention until now.

From the first note to the last the album takes its listeners to a unique place, full of beautiful melodies, eerie surprises and unexpected sounds.

The first single released from the album is titled 'Tir Ha Mo' and just happens to be my favourite track.

Imagine stunning, modern celtic sounds combined with a great beat and a very catchy vocal line that will have you singing in cornish in no time! I'll leave you with the beautiful track: 

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