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Freedom       Fry


  • Bruce is American and Marie is French.

  • The duo originally met by chance in 2011 at the set of a music video,

     they're now married! 

  • Based in Los Angeles.

  • Favourite place on planet earth: Judging by the positive chat about California, I believe it to be California!


Freedom Fry has become one of my favourite music discoveries of 2019! The indie pop duo from Los Angeles, USA consistently churn out high quality songs with catchy riffs and spellbinding melodies.


They’ve already garnered a loyal following and racked up quite a few streams on Spotify, but I’m sure the future’s only got bigger and brighter things in store.


I first noticed the duo with the release of their song ‘New Life’ which combines a fantastic trippy touch of psychedelic 70’s with catchy melodies. 


Freedom Fry resurfaced when they released their latest single ‘The Sun Is Gonna Shine On You’. After hearing it, I had no choice but to listen through to some of their other fantastic tracks and I wasn’t disappointed.


I for one, am looking forward to seeing what the future brings for Freedom Fry! I’ll leave you with their latest single ‘The Sun Is Gonna Shine On You’, but I recommend you also check out ‘New Life’ (my favourite song):




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