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  • 'When I'm interviewed, when i get prizes, when I do live performances people misspell my name in very creative ways (Marco Ferrandina, Francesco Ferrandina, Fernando Ferrandina, Federico Furantina, Federico Fernandino, Frederico Ferrandina etc etc).'

  • 'I'm a virgo rising virgo and yet I'm the messiest person I know by far, despite all astrology states virgos are extremely organized.'

  • 'I come from a family of classical musicians, my mom was a piano player, my grandma a violin player, my great grandpa a military band conductor. The piano in my recordings is from late 50s, my mom used to prepare her piano degrees on that instrument.'

  • Favourite place on planet earth: 'Anywhere in front of an expresso coffee, reading Susan Sontag.'

Autumn has begun picking up pace in Scotland. The hills are turning golden and the fresh breeze carries a multitude of brightly coloured leaves. 

It's a magical season in which glimpsing the aurora borealis becomes a possibility and the Scottish forests develop a sense of enchantment.

'Noirabesque' is the latest track to be released by Italian artist 'Federico Ferrandina'. The stunning piece really brings autumn to life. The composition is gentle, beautiful and mysterious and to me really emulates the atmosphere of the season.

'Noirabesque' combines elegant piano, haunting string sections, delicate classical guitar and a modern touch of synths, wrapped together by a lofi-style beat.

The attention to detail is immaculate. I can only say that the track finishes all too soon!

Listen to the new single here:




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