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  • Emmrose is only 16 years old!

  • Her favourite artist at the moment is Radiohead.

  • She has been writing, recording and performing her music since the age of fourteen.

  • Favourite place on planet earth: 'Emmrose's favourite place on planet earth is in Foley Park today when she is attending Greta Thunberg's Climate Change protest in downtown Manhattan, where she was born and raised!'

After listening to the new single from Emmrose 'Tonight', I was blown away to discover that Emmrose is only 16 years old! The talent, well thought-through production, emotion and beautiful melodies, but even more importantly the ability to not 'overfill' the track, all suggest someone well matured into songwriting. 

'Tonight' is a gorgeous track that leads the listener to an evening through the eyes of Emmrose herself. The song itself would be very at home next to many tracks in the James Bond series such as 'Skyfall' by Adele. The music behind the floating lead vocal, gives that impression through the well-composed orchestral arrangements and classic 'Bondesque' guitar lines.

The central point of the song is a chorus that would make any songwriter proud, with a fantastic melody that is beautifully delivered.

The fact that Emmrose also happens to care about our environment and is active about seeing change occur, is also a big plus, as that's half of what this blog is about!

I'll leave you with her latest single 'Tonight'. Have an awesome weekend ;)



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