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  • Deryk was born in London, UK.

  • She's currently based in Auckland, New Zealand.

  • Her debut single 'Call You Out' caused such a stir that Deryk has already been signed to Universal New Zealand.

  • Favourite place on planet earth: Probably sitting by the ocean with some cassette classics on the go!


Deryk has taken a journey that many musicians know so well. A journey filled with endless nights, let downs and a battle to find ones true musical potential. Many musicians never manage to release the gift they have within, but after years of searching, doubt and dead ends, Deryk may have finally unveiled it.

Madeline (Deryk), has been immersed in music in one way or another since childhood. From listening to free Sun Newspaper CD's in south England as a young child, to performing at stages across New Zealand. She's taken part in many musical projects on her way to founding 'Deryk.'

Her previous journey and experience was of no surprise to me when I heard the maturity and seemingly effortless airy vocal performance in her debut single.

'Call You Out' is a truly beautiful, lyrically relevant and thought provoking piece of music, that allows you a breath of peace in a constantly busy world.

The single is a very strong debut and with a solid 5 track EP on the way, it's safe to say that New Zealand's reputation for producing fantastic artists isn't going anywhere! Listen to Deryk's new single here:




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