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  • Daniel Trakell hails from Melbourne, Australia.

  • He's inspired by 70s piano pop.

  • Daniel frequently collaborates with Nashville based Joshua Barber (Gretta Ray, Gotye).

  • Favourite place on planet earth: I imagine that would be somewhere quiet with a good view in the Australian bush.

Sometimes I hear a track and I think to myself 'that's what music's all about'. Daniel Trakell's latest single 'So Long' is one of those tracks. There's not really anything I can say to fault the song. It's simply put, exceptional music.

The airy emotive vocal cruises through a beautiful melody, complemented by silky smooth production that guides your ear through the intricately constructed masterpiece. Throughout the song enchanting little details glimmer here and there keeping you captivated, like the sun glistening on the ocean.

Stuck between a multitude of fantastic elements, it would be hard to name my favourite part of the song, but the chorus is definitely one to remember. Being a bit biased towards guitar, I also have to give a nod to the simple but perfectly performed guitar solo. 

I'm pretty sure that this article won't be the last time that you'll hear from Daniel Trakell. Listen to the song here:




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