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  • 'We eat homous by the tub'

  • 'Wolf Alice once supported the singer's old band'

  • 'The band has had over 15 previous members from many different countries'

  • Favourite place on planet earth: 'in the garden'

Winter is often my most creative season. As the darkness creeps in, the perfect opportunity is presented to cosy up to a fire and get creative. 

'Forever' by 'DAAY' is an imaginative and an inspiring journey of a song. Just my cup of tea for the season.


The fantastic production keeps you on your toes with plenty of unexpected spine-tingling surprises and clever additions. 

Imagine Alt J with a darker touch and a good helping of heartfelt saxophone.

The whole song is brilliant, but the last minute is pure bliss. A powerful and emotive vocal performance make for a stunning final chorus, only to be followed by a beautiful, soft and mournful choral arrangement right at the end.

Listen to the new single here:




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