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  • The bass player is called 'Bas'.

  • Whenever one of the band members is able to 'score' on a night out, they text three exclamation marks '!!!' in the bands group chat.

  • Crooked Steps were recently selected as one of the winners at De Nieuwe Lichting competition (one of the most important music competitions in Belgium).

  • Favourite place on planet earth: An empty field that used to be an airfield for zeppelins during World War One, only a few hundred metres away from their rehearsal space.

I was introduced to Crooked Steps with their twisted and at times slightly disturbing cocktail-making music video for their new single 'Daiquiri' !

The music video would be entertaining enough by itself without audio, but the compact high energy indie rock n roll anthem ups the ante considerably, making it one of my favourite music videos of the past few months.

The new single however, doesn't need a quirky video to stand up. The classic indie guitar riffs, coupled with catchy melodies, fantastic production and a beat that's sure to get the crowd moving, do more than enough!

There are some nice details if you listen closely, like the vintage backing vocals that fit perfectly with the old school video style.

The frontman 'Lou Lippens' also puts on an impressive display showing not only his vocal talent, but the ability to bring an enthusiastic and vigorous atmosphere to the track with his presence. 

With a solid band, tonnes of character and a signature frontman, Crooked Steps could go far! Here's their new single 'daiquiri' :




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