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  • David Serra (Counting Waves) is based in Oshawa, Canada.

  • Lighter Than Air was recorded on a Wurlitzer upright piano.

  • The instrumental was mixed by award winning engineer Denis Tougas.

  • Favourite place on planet earth: I would imagine anywhere with great acoustics and a top notch piano.

On Tossit I'm usually more accustomed to sharing indie rock, folk and pop, with the occasional venture into something a bit more electronic. I am however also a fan of the odd classical piece and David Serra has produced a stunning piano instrumental that absolutely captivated me and deserves attention.


The melody is beautiful and captures everything I love about piano. It's simple, delicate, enchanting and charming all at the same time. The piece would be very fitting as the title track in a timeless classic film. 

I hope that 'Lighter Than Air' transports you away to a place of peace in the same way that it did to me. Listen to the track here:




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