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Charlie cunningham



  • Hails from Oxford, England

  • Charlie found his inspiration in Seville, Spain, where he picked up his flamenco style guitar

  • He's aggressively defensive of his mars bar supply!

  • Favourite place on planet earth: I did meet Charlie once, but never asked him that question. I'll have to go with a guess of Seville, Spain!


Charlie Cunningham has a unique twist of flamenco guitar in his beautifully stripped back compositions. I had the honour of playing support for him a couple of years ago in Darmstadt, Germany. 

  He performed with just his Spanish guitar and vocal. He didn't need any tricks or bizarre stage antics to captivate his audience. The place was silent from the beginning to the end of the concert (there was of course applause for every song!) and at the end, nearly every person lined up to buy a CD or a vinyl. I think that's testament to his talent in itself!

Back then, Charlie was truly an undiscovered artist. Now more and more people have discovered his talent, just a short trip to spotify will reveal just how popular his music has become. He's still an artist, however, that most people haven't heard of and deserves more exposure!

If you ever feel like something relaxing and stripped back, stick Charlie on spotify, every song is great! If you ever meet him in person, he's an absolutely fantastic guy, but if you see a mars bar lying around it would be best to avoid it!

Here's one of his fantastic songs performed live:

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