• Caro is a three piece band from Leeds, UK.

  • The band settled on 'Caro' as their name after various other proposals like 'Shore Bound Dolphin Straddlers'.

  • One of Caro's future aspirations: 'to design a line of multi-functional shoelaces'.

  • Favourite place on planet earth: Probably in a car with a working sound system!


Caro have been around for a few years now and have gradually built up a reputation for their fantastic live shows. Their talents have seen them touring extensively, supporting the likes of of artists like 'Gengahr' along the way.

I came across the band when I heard their fantastic new single 'Cat's Pyjamas'. A floor-filling cocktail with catchy melodies and energetic indie guitar riffs. The song almost feels like an alt j, metronomy collaboration with a dash of TDCC. Caro's sound is familiar yet distinct, fresh and with some very creative and cool production.

With a host of awesome singles under their belt and the industries attention in the live sector, Caro could well be one release away from exploding. Here's their new single 'Cat's Pyjamas'