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  • The band comes from Hampshire, England

  • The name actually comes from a 'welcome to Blaenavon' T-shirt (Blaenavon is a small town in Wales). The band weren't actually able to pronounce the name for the first two years of their existence!

  • Blaenavon have a habit of lying in interviews, making it very difficult to write facts about them!

  • Favourite place on planet earth: Most likely Blaenavon!


Blaenavon were another band that I saw supporting Two Door Cinema Club nearly a couple of years ago. Their songs are still in my playlists and now the playlists of those around me!

They started their journey to success at the age of 14 and quickly caught the eyes of significant individuals in the music industry. Winding on a few years and a few NME articles, the band progressed to supporting the likes of Two Door Cinema Club and The Wombats. They also worked with Jim Abbiss (the producer for Arctic Monkeys, Kasabian, Adele etc). 

It should therefore be safe to presume that they would no longer be able to make it onto an undiscovered music blog. Unfortunately, the band are still beneath most peoples radar. I believe them to be one song away from skyrocketing.

Live, the frontman Ben Gregory puts his heart, soul and emotion into his performance and equally so on record. With a fantastic bassist and drummer completing the line up, the band make a bigger sound than you'd expect from a three-piece. 


Many bands loose their authenticity in overly produced records, but not so with Blaenavon. They take you on a journey filled with feeling, captivating melodies and unexpected musical twists and turns.

Most of the music is perhaps a little dark and melancholic, definitely on the moody side of things, but Blaenavon also has an offering for those who want something a little more upbeat. One example and the song I'll leave you with is 'Lonely Side'. If you haven't heard of Blaenavon yet, then go and give them a listen ;)



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