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Bel Tempo


  • Bel Tempo are a duo act that live in Riga, Latvia and London, UK.

  • Bel Tempo means 'good weather' in Italian.

  • The duo first met at a songwriting camp in Latvia.

  • Favourite place on planet earth: Most likely in a studio!

Bel Tempo is a very interesting new outfit heralding from the far east and west of Europe. The combination of two different musical backgrounds (Andis is an experienced producer and Julijs a lyricist and instrumentalist) has created an awesome and unique sound.

The curiously titled 'Fat Piece of Bacon' combines a well produced mixture of bass heavy synths and dissonant but addictive guitar lines. The song waltzes through various genres, fitting very well into the ever growing genre-defying market.

The lyrics cover the issue that many musicians face, a tide of opposition in various forms from society. The idea that pursuing music is not a real or respectable profession and that you'll never be good enough to stand out in a fierce market. Bel Tempo stomp that thought process under their proud boots, with a song that is clearly a piece of art deserving to rise to the top.

Considering that this is just the duo's second single, I think it's safe to say that we can expect big things​ in the future. Listen to Fat Piece of Bacon here:



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