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I first wrote about Bad Flamingo in December 2019. Back then, I felt that the duo was one of the most talented and interesting acts to emerge onto my radar. As the years have passed, Bad Flamingo have continued to release mesmerising tracks with their unique and classic sound. I for one have never tired of hearing their latest creations.

It's unusual that I will cover an artist more than once (Bad Flamingo is one of only two artists). However, yesterday Bad Flamingo released a new single titled 'Fiddle' and I found the song too good not to write about!

'Fiddle' is a beautiful journey with stunning heartfelt guitar work and an immaculate vocal performance as smooth as butter. The song is enhanced by carefully planned production, a fantastic organic percussive beat and heart-wrenching fiddle. To top it off a subtle but perfectly placed layer of Bad Flamingo's brilliant western guitar style makes an appearance.

Waste no more time and check out the new single now and if you've still not heard of Bad Flamingo, be sure to listen to some more songs!

Listen to the new single here:




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