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  • The band has its own studio 20km away from Bucharest, Romania. Deer and other wild animals visit the surroundings at night.

  • All the smokers in the band quit this year and the only non-smoker started after the others quit.

  • 'We haven’t seen each other for more than 40 days, being in quarantine in different cities.'

  • Favourite place on planet earth: Most likely their Golan studio in the countryside.

Golan is one of those bands that makes you ask yourself 'What took me so long to find this?'. The beautiful genre combination, songwriting and production skills, coupled with a thought-provoking and arty video, was the eruption of an introduction that firmly placed Golan into my music world.

The song that revealed the Romania based act to me was 'Anima', their latest single. The track infuses Bon Iver like ambience with dance inducing riffs not dissimilar to Parcels and a late night smooth electro sound. It is the perfect track for a night drive on an empty road through the countryside!


Like many of us at the moment, the band are in lockdown. Support them through this time by streaming their amazing music on Spotify etc and sharing it!

Check out their new single and enter a beautiful world of escape here:



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