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Adam French



  • Based in London, but hails from Congleton

  • French has mastered guitar, bass, piano and drums

  • Near the beginning of his career, he did an independent tour of Africa which caught the eye of the press, helping to elevate him within the music industry

  • Favourite place on planet earth: As I couldn't chat to French in person, I'm going to have to go with the educated guess of somewhere in Africa, Congleton or London!


Adam French has been on my radar for a while. He first caught my attention with the track 'More To Life' from his debut EP (More To Life). The song was a perfect introduction to Adams unique and raw voice. A quality I look for in artists is a unique signature trademark. French displays his trademark effortlessly with his extraordinary voice and musical compositions that seem to be perfectly sculpted for his vocals.

His debut EP is a short one, at just two tracks long, but well worth a listen. The second song 'Ivory' is also a fantastic piece of music.

Since the first EP in 2014 Adam has released an EP every year. The second EP feels like a continuation of 'More To Life', with two beautiful tracks that create a similar feel.

  A shift happened with the introduction of 'Face To Face' in 2016. For me that was the moment that French fully embraced pop as his primary genre, but what I can only title as 'Adam French Pop'. His voice is unmistakably more 'rocky' in nature and the emotion displayed in his music puts most pop artists to shame. For all readers that are scared of the word 'pop' don't let it put you off giving French a go!

In short, it would be an insult to the British music industry if French doesn't rise as he rightfully should and soon! I hope you enjoy his music as much as I do. I'd like to leave you with a haunting song of his (and one of my favourites): 'Weightless'

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