Scotland's nature is threatened now more than ever!

* Only 1% of Scotland's native pine forests remain after hundreds of years of deforestation.

* Scotland used to be nearly completely covered in forests (including the islands). Forests were chopped down and burned to make way for sheep farming and wealthy hunters.

* The Scottish wildcat was declared functionally extinct in 2018 due to habitat loss (it's a forest animal) and interbreeding with domestic pet cats.

* In 2019 it was announced that wild Scottish salmon (one of the icons of Scotland), were more rare than at any other point in Scotland's history due to human activity (fish farms, environmental damage etc).



There are a lot of horrific facts about the state of Scotland's nature. However, as Scotland is not so built up, it's one of the few European countries with a big chance to reverse the tide!

The Scottish government has pledged to plant more trees, but has so far mainly planted trees that don't benefit Scotland, as they are non-native, planted for timber, planted to make the government look like they're tackling carbon emissions and most importantly, planted for profit..

Non-native forests in the UK are often similar to barren wastelands. The Scottish animals aren't adapted to foreign trees and mostly gain no benefit from them. The few that make them their home are disrupted every time the trees are chopped down.







I plan to help by making more sanctuaries for Scotland's animals. Whether that be planting small native forests, or planting native trees in urban spaces.

I'm using my own personal funding to achieve this, as well as donations from many kind and supportive people from all over the world.

210 trees have been planted so far, but I aim to plant 50,000 over the next few years!

I'm starting off with small more realistic goals, but the sky is the limit for what can be done and my vision for the future of Scotland's wildlife is big.







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